I am a Machine Learning Engineer at Zomato. My major areas of interests are Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. I completed undergrad from IIIT-Allahabad with major in Electronics and Communication. I started this blog to share my knowledge. I find writing helps me in getting deep insights of the topic. I am also in the learning phase. Any suggestions/comment will definitely be helpful.

Some of my projects in the Deep Learning includes Synthesizing Insights and actionable items from user opinions and reviews, Photo Classification tailored to Food search and Discovery platforms and EyeQ (Image Quality and Aesthetics determination). Major of the posts will be concentrated around these topic only. Currently I am building a semantic understanding system at Zomato around the User Generated Content. Reviews written on the platform can be used as a great asset for knowledge development. I have build Dish2Vec using the reviews for understanding the restaurant-jargon like dishes or cuisines. Currently I am working on developing the semantic hierarchies of dishes and cuisines. It's really fun to work all day with these tasty dishes.

Also, at 40, I will start writing about life and experiences, not now. I dream to pursue Artificial Intelligence as an independent researcher in future.

Amit Kushwaha